The Benefits of Laser Therapy

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By KYW Newsradio 1060

You can get rid of unwanted hair, lessen the appearance of scars and look more rejuvenated with fewer side effects with the Lumenis Laser. Dr. Nathaniel L. Holzman,  chief of the division of Plastic and ReconstructiveSsurgery at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne says he likes it because it's a more focused laser with lower energy. He adds that it reduces the risk of such side effects as burns, scarring, infections and changes in skin pigment.

Dr. Holzman says more men and women are now turning to lasers for procedures to tighten up the skin and to look more refreshed. It used to be patients had to rely on chemical peels that could leave the skin red, irritated and sensitive to the sun. The laser has fewer of these issues and requires a lot less downtime than acid peels.

He says the laser uses light energy to focus on the target. At times, the patient can feel a stinging sensation during treatment and a numbing agent may be used before the session. Treatments often time last from several minutes up to an hour, and some times several sessions may be necessary. And while the results will be noticed quickly, they won't last forever.​  It is a well-tolerated affordable procedure that can be repeated, and is now becoming common to skin maintenance routines.