1-on-1: From baseball fans to all-stars, Sean Forman’s websites provide a platform for all

Sean Forman.
Photo credit Matt Leon/KYW Newsradio
By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — If you are a baseball fan, there is a good chance you have spent at least a little time at some point on the website Baseball-Reference.com — it has every statistic you could imagine for every player and team in baseball history.  

The website was created by Sean Forman, who is also the president of Sports Reference, a collection of sports statistical websites including Baseball-Reference. The websites have their headquarters in Mount Airy.

Forman says last year, the sites had over a billion page views. He says it's not just fans that check in, but baseball all-stars as well.

"I know (Cincinnati Reds star) Joey Votto credited us for helping him get out of a slump one time because he had been looking at our site and he saw that even Ted Williams had a stretch where he hit only .250 or something like that. It kind of helped him keep in mind that he just needed to keep working. I remember him namechecking us during, like, a press conference after a game," Forman said.

Forman provides another example that shows the impact of these sites.

"We did a redesign three, four years ago. We rolled it out the day before spring training games started. First day of spring training games, we're watching the game on our TV at lunch and (Mets broadcaster and former All-Star) Keith Hernandez is just killing us for the redesign, 'I can't find anything! What are they thinking? What are they doing this?' What I found out later is he was working on his book at that time, so he had been doing a lot of work and now he couldn't find stuff. And I was able to talk to him later and he's a huge fan of the site. And so when you hear people mentioning it in the industry, you realize that it's valuable and that people are using it and it's important to their work and to their lives," Forman added. 

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