Arson is not a prank

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By Amy E. Feldman, Judge Technology Solutions
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A pretty crappy prank led to charges for one Pennsylvania man. 

In the most mature way possible, a Shippensburg man advised a woman of his displeasure over their disagreement by penning a letter to let her know of his feelings. 

I'm kidding — he filled a paper bag with dog poop and set it on fire on her doorstep.  The man heads to court this month to face two felony counts — one for arson, one for risking a catastrophe, and a misdemeanor charge for reckless endangerment.  

There's a whole cadre of people shaking their heads right now, saying things like, "Lighten up. In my day, we used to do that every Mischief Night." 

Maybe so, Mortimer, but today — and even back in the day — when you put people in danger, you face charges, and that will be the case whether you meant any real harm or not.  

Enough people see pranks on the internet to believe that they'll get fame and fortune by pranking others without stopping to consider the real possibility that they are creating danger. Next time you want to maturely let someone know how you feel, try ringing the doorbell and running.