You don't have to be drunk to be arrested for DUI

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By KYW Newsradio 1060
By Amy E. Feldman, Judge Technology Solutions
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — You lock up your liquor cabinet — what about your spice rack? 

Connecticut police pulled over a woman who was driving erratically. They found empty bottles of vanilla extract in her car and detected the smell of vanilla on her breath.  

First of all, a 4-ounce bottle of vanilla costs upward of $13. Ounce-for-ounce, that's eight times the cost of Grey Goose, in case you were worried your drink of choice wasn't bougie enough. 

Also, you must know you have a problem when you're drinking straight-up vanilla extract. But do you have a drunk-driving problem if you weren't drinking beer or liquor?  

To be arrested for driving under the influence, you just need to be driving while impaired. That impairment can come from beer, wine or liquor, but also from illegal drugs, legally prescribed prescription medication, or even over-the-counter medicines that can make you sleepy and may contain alcohol — just like vanilla extract.

If you're feeling impaired, save your beer money by calling a cab — or find some cookie dough and a spoon and stay home.