Would you keep unordered packages shipped to your door?

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By Amy E. Feldman, Judge Technology Solutions
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — If a package you didn't order shows up at your door, can you keep it? 

Random Amazon packages keep arriving at the home of a Kansas City man. First, it was a disco ball. Then earbuds, and then a mole remover pen. He didn't know who or why — all he can do is look for a dancing man with many moles. 

What does the law say about unordered merchandise? Can you keep it? Well, that depends. 

If the shipment is addressed to someone else and is dropped off at your address by mistake, you aren't allowed to keep property you know was sent to you in error — that would be considered theft.  

As for merchandise that was correctly sent to you but you didn't order it, like those address labels that charities send you in the hopes you'll make a donation, by law a company can't bill you for merchandise you didn't order. 

The Kansas City man was not been billed for the merchandise, but now believes the person sending it is an online seller who buys its own products through a buyer's account and delivers them to a real address, so the seller can write a positive review of a verified purchase. 

For his part, he likes the earbuds but reports he doesn't need the mole remover.