Low expectations from Didinger for Eagles in must-win game against Bills

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It's another football Friday in Philadelphia. This is Week 8 for your Eagles. They are 3-4. They are going to visit the 5-1 Buffalo Bills. It's a critical game for them because it would be really bad for them to fall to 3-5. 

Coach Doug Pederson on Wednesday said the Eagles are embarrassed and they're mad and they want to fix this. 

Hall of Fame football expert Ray Didinger says if they're mad, if they're embarassed, they should be.

"They should be mad after the performance they put on in Dallas on Sunday night. I mean, that was, it was embarssing. It was really embarssing. Now, just getting mad doesn't necesarily mean that they're over it. They still got some issues just in terms of personnel. Right now, they're just not a real good team," Didinger said. "The fact is now Sunday you got to do something about it."

We keep using the term "must-win." Is this Sunday in Buffalo another one of those must-wins? 

Didinger says if you're thinking in terms of the Eagles making the playoffs, then yes it is. If the Eagles lose another game, it'll be really hard to come back.

"If they can go up to Buffalo and win this game, and get square at 4-4 next week, they have the (Chicago) Bears coming to Philadephia. And the Bears right now have a lot problems of their own. I mean their quarterback play is very really bad right now. If they win the game in Buffalo, you look at the Bears game as a very winnable game, and now all of a sudden, if you win those two, you're back over .500 and coming up on the bye (week), and maybe you catch your breath and go on a little bit of a run the second half of the year," Didinger said.

"But, to make any of that possible and make this season sort of semi-salvagable, it has to start with a win in Buffalo. If you lose the game in Buffalo, then the chances of making of playoffs are almost non-existent."

And will the Eagles win? Didinger does not have high hopes.

"I would like to pick the Eagles, but in all good conscience, I just can't. I look at the Bills — I know what they're going to give me on Sunday. I know the Bills are going to come ready to play. I know the Bills at home, at 5-1, are going to give me a big effort. I can't say that about the Eagles. I don't know. So, just based on the fact I know the Bills are going to show up and play hard, I'm going with Buffalo in a low scoring game. I'm saying 20-17."