Positively Philadelphia: A birthday beer bash for Ben Franklin

Historic Philadelphia is having a "Tippler's Tour" for Ben Franklin's birthday.
Photo credit Courtesy of Historic Philadelphia
By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — So you think it's January and the party's over. Well, not just yet.

"We do a very special Ben's birthday bash tippler," said Amy Needle, president and CEO of Historic Philadelphia. "Ben's birthday is in January, so why not celebrate with a tippling tour especially for Ben?"

The Ben, of course, is Ben Franklin. The next tours are January 17-18.

"Ben walks with you and guides you to some very festive historic establishments and modern-day watering holes as well," Needle explained. Those establishments include National Mechanics, The Victoria Freehouse, Freebyrd, and the City Tavern Restaurant.

"You get a nice drink at each spot and some wonderful appetizers. Along the way, you sing songs and of course, you sing happy birthday to Ben. You put your coats on and you warm up at all the different locations, inside and out."

It wouldn't be a historic tour without some education, in this case, learning about Philadelphia's history with beer and drinking. "Ben actually wrote a dictionary about all the different ways to describe being intoxicated," Needle shared.

And everyone goes around all night saying "Hip, hip, huzzah."