Positively Philadelphia: The Christmas Village returns to Love Park

The Christmas Village is returning to Love Park in Philadelphia.
Photo credit Russ Brown Photography
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Get ready, get set: the Philadelphia Christmas Village is about to open, with a preview weekend on November 23-24 before officially launching on Thanksgiving Day.

Lea Köthe with the Christmas Village said there are a lot of new additions, including a ferris wheel. 

"The ferris wheel is going to be amazing," said Köthe. "It's 65 feet tall and it will give visitors a whole new look out at the Christmas Village and Love Park."

There are returning favorites as well.

"We will have a massive tent with Käthe Wohlfahrt, a very famous German ornament vendor," Köthe revealed. "We will also have other vendors from all around the world."

And if all this shopping makes you hungry, the Village has you covered. "We will have old-time favorites," said Köthe, "bratwurst to eat, Käsespätzle (soft egg noodles which a cheese sauce), schnitzel, mulled wine, hot chocolate and much more. We have a huge grill where all the sausages are made and a nice seating area."

Wine and beer tastings, live music and special events every day are expected at this year's Christmas Village. Last year attracted a million people to Love Park.