8 hours of hell: How the North Philly standoff unfolded on KYW Newsradio

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — In the span of eight long hours on Aug. 14, a neighborhood in North Philadelphia was turned upside-down, as police juggled a standoff with a man who was shooting at them from inside a house.

The standoff began around 4:30 that afternoon near 15th Street and Erie Avenue. The situation quickly escalated, as six police officers were shot and transported to the hospital. Two officers remained trapped inside with the gunman and other civilians for about five hours.

Neighbors were forced to hide in their homes and wait for the all-clear, as they listened to bullets graze their walls. They relied on news coverage to see what was going on just a few feet from their doorsteps.

Some of those bullet holes still remain in doors and window shutters on the block, along with a heavy sense of uneasiness among neighbors.

"I never heard so much gunshots," recalled one neighbor. "I can't forget this." 

The formidable standoff shook Philadelphia and the country, as national news outlets reported yet another incident of gun violence. But communication was key, according to the then-police commissioner, and they were able to apprehend the shooter and end the incident with only minor injuries.

One month later, listen to how the harrowing eight-hour standoff played out on KYW Newsradio — in a much shorter 30-minute recap of events. From the bright light of day to the early-morning hours, listen to how this prominent shooting was reported live on KYW Newsradio, forging an intense, scary and completing compelling slice of radio.


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