Philadelphia mom has advice for parents whose kids are learning virtually for the first time

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — We now know schools in the region will stay closed indefinitely. For parents who haven’t fully adjusted to their kids learning from home yet, a Philadelphia-area mom who’s no stranger to cyber schooling has some secrets to share. 

For parents whose kids are learning virtually for the first time, Stefaine D’Amico won't sugarcoat it.

“It is going to feel overwhelming for them and it's going to be an adjustment,” she said. 

As a mom of three boys who have been enrolled at Agora Cyber Charter School in King of Prussia well before the coronavirus pandemic, she has advice for parents who are new to this. 

“Try to stay as organized as you can. Make a list for each child of everything they have to do for that day and mark things off as you go,” she said. 

Give your kid their own workspace, she says, as it makes them feel comfortable. Don’t put it in their playroom though. 

“Make sure there is no toys or anything around the desk that is a distraction for them,” she added. 

She suggests regular breaks, five to 10 minute ones between lessons.  

“Be patient with them, it’s an adjustment for them just as it is with the parents,” she said. 

If you’re still not used to cyberlearning after all these weeks that’s not unusual, D’Amico says — it takes time.