At the Please Touch Museum, kids practice their reading with a furry friend

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It's Giving Tuesday, and the Please Touch Museum hopes generosity is contagious.

"And I love this one for her!" Archer, who was at the museum, said as she grabbed a book to read to a little white dog.

It's no secret reading can unlock a child's potential, which is why the museum offers kids a chance to read to a furry friend at least once a month. 

Chief Development Officer Samantha Gibb Roff says reading to a dog is a stress-free experience for beginners.

"Just read aloud, whether it be to an imaginary friend or a stuffed animal or a real animal in this case," she said. "Something that's responsive and fun to be around but isn't going to correct them, isn't going to stop their flow." 

She says each kid goes home with a book, but the program costs $25 per child. With museum admission being low-cost or free for many families, money is needed to keep the program going.

"It was really sweet and the dogs were really nice. The kids loved it!" said Bernadette, who's daughter Cecilia had a blast reading to Piper.

"It's nice to have more places to read books. There's never enough places to stop and read books," she added.