At town hall, Philadelphia-area students discuss racism and what can be done to end it

At an online forum sponsored by Public Citizens for Children and Youth, Radnor High School student Seif Ghazi talked about what he called microaggressions.

"My math teacher, I later found out, assumed I was Indian. So on the second half of the year when she created a new seating chart, she seated me next to the only other Indian person in class — or, the only other brown person in class,” Ghazi said. 

Harry Cotter, a student at Ridley High School, said because he is white, adults assume they can make racial comments to him.

"I've hard adults use the N-word, or refer to black people with coded language like 'people from the city,' 'renters,' and in light of current events, 'rioters,' " Cotter said. 

The students talked about strategies to end racism. 

One suggested going to protests and another talked about voting to hold adults accountable. And one simply said, it starts at home and with your friends. And when you see racism, call it out.