On Bike To Work Day, a reminder that cycling is a great way to get anywhere

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Commuters in Philadelphia might have noticed more bicyclists than usual on the streets Friday morning. People all over the city participated in Bike To Work Day.

"It's a national event. This is the first year that we've called it 'Bike To Work and Wherever,' though, because we wanted to expand the audience to people who might not be working, who might be riding their bike for other reasons," said Amanda Ruffner with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

"Even people who aren't riding their bike, then they can sort of learn about what we do."

Antoinette Williams Murray of Mt. Airy was among the bicyclists.

"I think it promotes exercise, good health, and just freedom to explore the city!" she said.

Today is bike to work and wherever day @bcgp #BikeToWorkDay #ibikephl #BikePhl more soon @KYWNewsradio (That’s me joining in!) pic.twitter.com/kiLBrFc5Xn

— Hadas Kuznits (@hadaskuznits) May 17, 2019

Bicyclist Daniel Paschall of Fairmount says for people like himself, Bike to Work Day is every day.

"Biking is transportation," he said, "and I think it needs to be shown more. So this is a good event for that."

Mike Carroll with Philadelphia's Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability says Bike To Work Day is a good way to show the benefits of biking in a city. 

"It's an important part of anyone's life to be able to get to what they need to do, and cycling is a great way to do that," Carroll said.

He says the office is constantly trying to make the city's streets safer and more efficient for those who use them.

"Protected bike lanes is something that's a really hot topic for us now. We're working on projects," Carroll said. "There's also a story that has to be told about enforcement — and that brings us to the next point, which is educating people."

Carroll says the city's Indego bike share program will be adding about 400 electric bikes this summer to the service's inventory that people can rent.

"It makes it easier for people to go farther and to travel more comfortably, especially for anyone who feels like they're not strong enough to pedal a normal bike a distance."