Car damaged by pothole in Philly? There's a road to reimbursement

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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It's pothole season. And if your car is wrecked by a deep crater on a city street, Philadelphia has a process to reimburse you for damages. 

It happens a few dozen times a year. Drivers whose tires, rims or axles are wrecked after whacking a pothole look to the City to pay for their repairs. And there's a way to make that happen, says Barry Scott, deputy director of finance for the city's risk management department. 

"Folks who have that kind of damage can file a claim with us. And in that claim, they just need to let us know what kind of damage they had, the value of the damage, give us an estimate of the damage from a repair shop," he said.

And the declaration page from their insurance policy.  

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The full claim will have to be submitted to insurance, but Scott says if everything checks out, the city will refund your deductible. He says the process takes several weeks.

Scott says last fiscal year, the city received 212 claims, settling 43 of them at an average $772 each for a total payout of $33,216.

The key is to be sure the offending pothole is on a city street. If it's on a state road, you're out of luck as Pennsylvania law prohibits the payment of claims for property damage caused by potholes on state roads.