CDC guidelines fill in some blanks on reopening schools, bars, restaurants

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly posted to its website over the weekend a 60-page set of guidelines for places like schools, bars and restaurants to follow when reopening.

There had reportedly been dispute between the agency and the White House on the content and the detail included. With these guidelines the CDC tries to paint a clearer picture for schools and some businesses of what they can do within the framework of the White House’s three-phase plan

When schools and day camps start to open, the CDC recommends temperature checks and says students should stay with the same group all day. Social distancing should be maintained on school buses and in the classroom, and desks should be 6 feet apart and not facing each other. 

Students may be taught about sharing, but health officials say they should use their own supplies as much as possible.

There’s also an emphasis on disposable or digital menus and even the possibility of customers ordering ahead of time, even if they are dining in, to limit the time they spend inside.

Even in places that hit the third phase of the White House’s plan, the agency says self-serve is a no-no, meaning salad bars, drink stations or buffets.

The CDC emphasizes social distancing for mass transit, as well. 

The guidelines highlight the need for mass testing and contact tracing, as well as a strong downward trend of coronavirus cases, especially serious ones, and of course hand washing, mask wearing and surface disinfection.