Chester County business takes gaming to the next level

An innovative way to play video games comes to Chester County.
Photo credit Dreamstime
By KYW Newsradio 1060
CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — An innovative way to play video games comes to Chester County.

While out with his wife in West Chester, Kevin Mash noticed lots of kids hanging out and just looking to socialize. 

That made him realize there was a need for social activities throughout the community.

"So far as things to do, there's not that much," he said. 

After reading a book on pop culture and video game lure, Kevin, the owner of Computer Doctors, decided to test the waters of the billion plus dollar gaming industry by opening Level 13, a gaming center.

He says it lets kids and adults socialize in a way not usually seen in the fantasy world of video games.

"It's markedly more exciting when you're playing in a room full of other players," he added. 

Kevin says their 36 computer console facility, which opened a little more than a week ago, has a variety of games for all kinds of players. 

"Every station at our facility has a box style controller that goes along with it, so somebody who is familiar with the Xbox or the PlayStation can come in, sit down, and jump right into a game as if they are playing at home.

He adds their state-of-the-art game play is an upgrade for gamers of all levels.

"It's kind of like driving your normal car, and then going out to a race track, and driving a super high end Porsche," Kevin said. 

Level 13 plans on starting an all-ages league on their gaming systems by the end of the month.