Jefferson doctors create music video tribute to health care workers

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A group of Jefferson Health doctors reaffirmed their commitment to patients during the COVID-19 crisis by way of a music video.

Singing their rendition of the Pretenders classic "I’ll Stand By You," a group of six doctors appear in Zoom-like windows wanting patients to know that Jefferson Health doctors will stand by you during the health crisis.

In the center square is Dr. Margaret Lafferty, the lead singer. On the bottom right is Dr. Ken Einhorn, the chief of the division of otolaryngology at Abington Hospital, on drums. He came up with the idea.

"We really wanted to express and show people that health care workers, we are real people," he explained. "We have emotions, we have times of joy and we have times of sorrow, and I think all of that is in the video that we have made."

Dr. Einhorn says the video also pays tribute to all health care workers around the world.

The video includes clips of health care workers doing dances while wearing their personal protective equipment.

"I'll Stand By You" is getting the thumbs up on sites like YouTube.