​Eagles collapse, fall to Washington in season opener

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A day that started with so much hope changed in a span of 33 minutes of football.

The Eagles were in cruise control in Washington, but the wheels came off in unimaginable fashion as their 17-0 lead turned into a 27-17 defeat. 

There is a long list of individuals to blame, but much centered around a quarterback and a banged-up offensive line. Carson Wentz completed 14 of his first 17 passes for a pair of touchdowns, but he threw a pair of interceptions after the Eagles scored what would be their last points of the day in the second quarter. Wentz also took several sacks instead of throwing the ball away as he came up with one of the worst performances of his career.

"No excuses," Kelce said. "I've had plenty of work with the guys who were out there today. I don't think anybody in particular played an individually terrible game. I think everybody kind of had their chances to screw this one up, myself included."

Even with the injury issues on the offensive line, the play of Wentz was perhaps the most shocking part of the collapse. His first interception of the game came late in the second quarter and gave a Washington squad momentum when it looked as if the game was turning into an Eagles blowout. Coach Doug Pederson said there was plenty of blame to go around.

"I've got to look at this film to see exactly why there were breakdowns," Pederson said. "I've got to get better. The players have got to get better, the coaching staff. This is one game of a long season.  That's what we're going to focus on this week."

The game next week will be at Lincoln Financial Field against the Rams. There are still 15 games remaining, but Pederson and his players know the 2020 campaign may unravel quickly if the Eagles play like they did in the second half of Sunday's unimaginable collapse.

"We've got a lot of work to do," Pederson said. "Today was not our best. We have to eliminate the mistakes. We can't have the sacks. We can't have the turnovers that we had today and expect to win."

Fans react

The ugly Opening Day loss left fans with a lot to say. 

"Nah, we just gotta put the pieces back together. Protect Carson. That’s exactly what we need to do."

Dashon could barley compose himself, saying it’s also about decisions made by the front office.

"Step up that offensive line. Stop getting hurt. Put your heart into it," she said. "Play. Don’t give up!"

Despite the loss, Birds fans are devoted, with hopes that they team got the loss out their system.

"Maybe next week," said Brian, laughing.

But Dashon took the loss more personally.

"They killed up the spread. Eagles messed up the spread. I had a nice ticket going, and they killed the spread. Ahhh, my goodness. Maybe next year."


KYW Newsradio's Shara Dae Howard contributed to this report.