Eagles' Jackson eager to make 'real statements' for racial justice

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Eagles defensive tackle Malik Jackson revealed that the Eagles wanted to take a knee with the Washington Football Team as a social justice demonstration right before kickoff last Sunday.

"Unfortunately we couldn’t get the Washington Football Team on board," he said.

"We wanted to do the whole soccer league, the Premier League, where they take a knee before they kick the ball off for 20-40 seconds. And that’s what we wanted to do before the kickoff is both teams take a knee, and then decline the penalty and kick the ball off.

"But, it’s hard logistically. I think a lot of people just want to play football and don’t want to worry about this stuff, so when you bring people in to try to get both teams to do something, it’s harder because ... a lot more voices."

Malik Jackson says Eagles players wanted Washington to take a knee with them right before kickoff like Premier League did and Washington players didn’t want to do that pic.twitter.com/Wo4hxCqker

— John Clark (@JClarkNBCS) September 16, 2020

The Eagles and Washington locked arms at midfield during the playing of "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and then the Birds went inside for the national anthem.

Jackson said he hopes the song will be played every week. He respects the NFL’s efforts to promote equality, but he would like more owners to be as active as Eagles Chairman Jeffrey Lurie.

"Until every individual owner does something and not hide behind a shield, I personally feel like it's not going to mean anything," he said.

"If we can get the other owners to be like Mr. Lurie, then I think it will be a stronger message than just ... holding hands around the NFL logo while somebody sings a song. To me, it just doesn't do anything."

Jackson said he would like to do something tangible.

"To me, holding arms doesn't allow people to really say which side they're on or say how they feel. And I just hope we can do something where people truly say how they feel — not during the anthem, because I personally think we should stand for that — but another time," he said.

"Hopefully, we can kinda get something together where we’re making real statements — not holding arms, in my opinion."

During his Zoom press conference, Jackson was wearing a red hat that read “Make America arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” — with the words “Great Again” crossed out. 

Malik Jackson is wearing a red MAGA-style hat that says: "Make America Arrest the Cops who Killed Breonna Taylor" pic.twitter.com/kSPdt5XkE8

— Dave Zangaro (@DZangaroNBCS) September 16, 2020

Jackson said it was good the city of Louisville paid Taylor’s family $12 million, but he said he thinks there should be a personal cost to the cops involved.

"We need to change the culture of citizens paying tax dollars to fund what the police are doing out here. So, if we can get the police unions that are backing these guys to do stuff, have them start paying like we have to pay out of our money when we have conduct detrimental or anything, would be a lot better example."