As emotional arguments end, Hupperterz murder case now in hands of jury

From left: Jenna Burleigh, Joshua Hupperterz
Photo credit Philadelphia Police Department
By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — After emotional closing arguments Thursday morning, the jury must now decide whether Joshua Hupperterz killed Temple University student Jenna Burleigh.
First, defense attorney David Nenner tried to poke holes in the timeline of phone calls between his client, Hupperterz, and the defendant’s former roommate, Jack Miley, through the day prosecutors say Burleigh was killed in August 2017. 

90 minutes for the jury so far...

— Kristen Johanson (@KristenJohanson) January 17, 2019

The defense says Miley woke up in the middle of a fight between the victim and the defendant and strangled Burleigh himself, then left Hupperterz to clean it up. 

At one point, after an hour and a half from the defense, a juror raised her hand to go to the bathroom, and the judge allowed a quick break.  

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Dressed in a gray suit, Hupperterz looked on at his attorney through the statements, but stared straight ahead when Assistant District Attorney Jason Grennell got up to speak. 

Grennell gave a passionate closing argument with the timeline of events they say proves it was Hupperterz who killed Burleigh — including surveillance video of the pair inside a campus bar that night, plus Hupperterz’s DNA found under Burleigh’s fingernails and throughout the alleged crime scene. 

He also argued that Miley’s evidence was excluded from everything tested, including a boot found in Miley’s closet, with the defendant’s DNA on it. 

He timed out three minutes, with his hands seemingly around an invisible neck, going through the stage, he said, it takes for a person to die — trying to hit home the idea it was premeditated first-degree murder. 

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Grennell also apologized to Miley, saying Hupperterz is a liar who tried to pull everyone he could into Burleigh's death — including his own grandmother, leaving Burleigh's body in her property in a blue storage bin. 

A jury of seven men and five women will now decide Hupperterz’s fate.