Short recovery breaks are crucial when working from home, says expert

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) If you're working from home due to the pandemic, you might be finding yourself more stressed than ever. 

Warminster's Hope Jarnigan used to commute every day for her job in the pharmaceutical industry. With two children, one with autism, the balance of life and work is more than challenging during the pandemic.

"I'm working so many more hours. I'm constantly thinking about it. And I can't escape it, I'm not actually leaving,” she said. 

She said she used to be able to leave her work at the office. But now, that's harder to do.

"Two parents working and then homeschooling, it takes really good boundaries,” said stress expert and author Dr. Terry Lyles.

Unless you have those boundaries, Lyles says stress from the pandemic and pressures of work efficiency and guilt will take its toll.

"It's always basics, go back to how do I take care of myself, how am I eating, how am I hydrating. How I am sleeping. All those things become critically important in the midst of these pressures that the world has not seen in our current modern-day history,” Lyles said. 

In his new book, "Performance Under Pressure,” he says it's all about a short recovery break.

"Take a walk outside, or just go play with the dog or a child for a minute if you have one,” he advised.