Extreme heat plus delayed trash collection equals big stink for neighbors

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Extremely hot weather is in the forecast for the next few days, and that, combined with a city-wide trash collection delay, is causing a big stink.

When trash collectors showed up in the neighborhood near 58th and Arch Streets, residents like Gail Davis were very grateful and relieved.

"It was stinking," she described. "The cats were coming out, the squirrels coming out, because when you leave it overnight, if it's not in cans, the cats and squirrels dig it out. So that means stink, trash on top of trash."

Davis said her trash had been left out five days before collectors finally arrived to pick it up.

Down the street, neighbors Jella Niblack and Victoria Jeffers were taking in their trash cans. 

"It's hot and it stinks out here," said Niblack. "First of all, it's a health hazard. And it wasn't safe like people with me who have respiratory problems and all that. We have raccoons out here at night digging in the trash."

"You know they have the separate cans and recycling bins. Today they took all that,” added Jeffers, with delight.

Niblack admitted she was shocked to hear the trucks today.

"They did better than I thought," she said. "I though it would sit out here all day today. I really did."

City officials say trash collection is one to three days behind schedule.

The city says it will be at least another week until it catches up.

The delay is being caused in part by a labor dispute.