Fate of minimum wage bill uncertain in Pennsylvania House

By KYW Newsradio 1060
HARRISBURG, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — The state Senate Wednesday is expected to approve a bill that would provide a modest increase in Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. If that happens, the bill will go to the House, where it’s likely to sit for a while. 

Majority Republicans in the state Senate may have a deal with Gov. Wolf on a minimum wage hike, but the Republicans who control the House do not. Mike Straub, spokesman for the House majority leader, says the Senate bill will get a closer look by House GOP members. 

"But there’s no rush to action on that. The focus of the House remains helping Pennsylvanians earn as much as possible. And if it determines that it’s in this bill, that’ll be the direction we go. But at this point, we’re still focused on pathways to careers that pay far beyond the minimum wage," he said. 

The governor had previously sought an initial minimum wage hike to $12 an hour followed by gradual increases to $15 an hour, but the Senate bill starts at only $8 an hour before reaching an eventual $9.50 an hour in 2022.