For those working from home, music can help guide you through the day

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  With so many people now working from home, finding a work rhythm may be a challenge. But allowing music to guide you may be the best way to go.

Music can go a long way in helping someone focus and concentrate when they are working or performing a task, according to Kathy Purcell, a board certified music therapist with Music Therapy Associates.

Music, she explained, is “time ordered behavior,” so it can help pass time or help ground you if you feel overwhelmed. She said different kinds of music are often best for people at different times of the day.

“Some people do have what I call bed gravity, which means it's really difficult to get out of bed. So if you can find some music that's very motivating for you that can get you rolling in the morning, that can be really helpful,” she explained. 

Purcell added there are times in your work day where you may want to consider going lyric free, especially if you're trying to concentrate. 

If you're looking for a pick-me-up in your music, it's not always best to go with music too far outside of your mood.

“You want to find some music that's similar to how you're feeling now and work your way toward whatever you are trying to feel or process,” she said. 

Purcell said most importantly, you want to pay attention to how the music makes you feel when you want it to help you in different ways.

“Every person has different experiences with sound and music,” she added. 

Journaling or cataloging your musical experiences can also help you find what music you work best with.