Ex-boyfriend of woman found stabbed to death ordered to stand trial for her murder

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A Philadelphia judge ordered the ex-boyfriend of a woman found stabbed to death inside her home to stand trial for her murder. 

Jill Millman was found dead in her bathroom in early November, with 125 stab wounds throughout her body and head. 

Prosecutors say it was at the hands of her ex-boyfriend and lover Arthur Caesar.  

Millman, 35, was autistic and working as a chef at the Dining Car in Northeast Philadelphia. 

A detective told the judge Caesar said he was at Millman’s apartment the night before but left about 12:30 a.m. The victim was found about 17 hours later.

Prosecutors showed surveillance video of Caesar at his work with a backpack, walking across the parking lot, handing the trash truck workers a bag filled with something.

The knife, the detective said, was never found, but they did find Caesar’s bag, which police say looked to have blood on it and is currently being tested.

The detective also testified that when Caesar was questioned, he had a gash across his hand, and bruised and swollen fists. The detective said Caesar told authorities it was from work, and that he punched a wall.

The defense asked that the murder charged be downgraded to third-degree and to dismiss the robbery offense, but the judge sided with prosecutors and held Caesar on first-degree murder.

He’s next due in court on Feb. 4.