La Colombe rolling out self-heating can this week

La Colombe self-heating can
Photo credit Rachel Kurland/KYW Newsradio
By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A Philadelphia-based coffee roaster is testing out a new way to get a cup of joe on the go without having to stop at a shop. 

Todd Carmichael, co-founder and CEO of La Colombe Coffee Roasters, says there is a lot of science behind the company's self-heating can.

"You grasp the can, and you spin the bottom about 90 degrees, and you'll hear a click. You set it down," Carmichael said. "And I put a little delay in there, about a 20-second delay before the heating begins."

And when it begins, the can heats up in a hurry.

"You wait about a minute and a half. You pick it up, and you turn it upside down, back and forth a little bit, because the fluid in the can is a lot hotter in the bottom than the top. So you want to mix it up," Carmichael said. "You open it, and you drink it."

La Colombe has been testing the cans at the Fishtown location. Customers quickly figured out what to with them.

"I think it's probably good for hiking or camping, where you don't necessarily want to bring a coffee pot or something like that," customer Carlos Otera said.

Be prepared to pay more for the convenience. The cans will set coffee drinkers back about $5. 

Starting this week, the self-heating cans will be on shelves at the company's other stores throughout the region.