Motorcycle donated to Philadelphia police in memory of former officer

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Philadelphia Highway Patrol unit received a very special donation Monday. 

"He loved being a police officer and he loved going fast on motorcycles. And he also rode for the Drill Team and he rode on people's shoulders and all kinds of crazy stuff," Carey Gibbons-Kelman said of her father, Thomas Gibbons Jr. 

Gibbons Jr. used to be a Philadelphia Police highway patrolman and was shot in the line of duty in 1970. He retired on disability a few years later and then became a crime reporter in the city.

He died from brain cancer in 2018. 

"When he passed away we raised money through the Philadelphia (Police) Foundation in his memory with the hopes of purchasing a motorcycle for the drill team. We were a little short of our goal and very kindly, the Philadelphia (Police) Foundation stepped in and filled that gap for us so we were able to present the motorcycle we have today," Gibbons-Kelman said. 

She said his name and badge number is on the motorcycle. 

"Yes, on the back it says his name and badge number. I hope he's watching, because he'd love it," she said. 

The bike will be used in future Thrill Shows.