New Jersey group to hold outdoor discussion on school safety

Backpack of school child with face mask and sanitizer.
Photo credit FamVeld/Getty Images
By KYW Newsradio 1060

"Our society has become very divided over the past few years to the point that people have kind of assumed the worst of people who are ‘on the other side from them.’ I think it is really important that we learn to not assume the worst about each other but to listen to one another and learn from one another, and the ultimate goal is to start a conversation, not a fight,” Reiner said. 

Braver Angels is a nationwide bipartisan organization that wants “to depolarize America by helping people learn how to talk and listen to people who have opposing viewpoints from them,” Reiner explained. 

She understands that talk can get heated, especially when a parent is discussing their child's safety, as many are nervous about returning to the classroom.

The debate is scheduled for Aug 20 at 6 p.m. at Perkins Center for the Arts. 

Reiner's hope is that people attending will "come out of this with some better solutions about how to manage the school year."

She said participants will discuss the different approaches to reopening schools and share thoughts and ideas. 


UPDATE: The meeting has been moved to Aug. 20.