New Jersey’s teachers union chimes in on state’s plan to resume classes in fall

Desks in an empty classroom
Photo credit smolaw11/Getty Images

NJEA president Marie Blistan isn’t sure many districts can get that done by around Labor Day, given a lack of protective equipment and such.

“We can’t invite our students into these buildings. We can’t have staff into buildings that we are not confident that the health and safety standards are in place,” Blistan said. “So I can’t give you a date on the calendar because this is not business as usual.”

Murphy is mandating every district has the online option offered to every child. Blistan supports that, although she’s not sure the state will have equipment and internet service up in time. 

There’s a move in the legislature to start the year in virtual mode statewide. If a district pushes for classroom work and teachers aren’t comfortable with that, Blistan won’t say what the union might do about it.