No coronavirus peak yet, but officials say Montco may be nearing plateau

EAGLEVILLE, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — With 108 new cases, accounts of coronavirus in Montgomery County now surpass 1,400. 

County officials announced 11 more deaths on Wednesday — 43 in all. 

But Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh doesn’t believe the county has reached its peak yet. An indicator they’ve been watching for several days: The percentage of positive tests from the county’s community-based testing site dropped slightly.

“We had been ticking up there. We got up to 21% for the prior two days, but now we’re back at 19%, so hopefully that means that maybe this is our plateau,” she said. “We shall see what the next two days bring.”

Although the death toll is expected to climb, Arkoosh noted those 11 new deaths are counted over the span of several days.

“We don’t always get notified about deaths on the day that they happened,” she explained. “It just has to do with the way the data comes into our coroner.”

As the pandemic continues on, Arkoosh said county hospitals continue to have extra beds — both general and ICU — as well as extra ventilators.

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