Philly officials detail plan for how city will move to ‘yellow’ reopening phase

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  Retail stores, offices, warehouses and child care centers are among the businesses that can reopen in Philadelphia June 5 under the city’s plan for moving into the “yellow phase” of reopening. The city is imposing guidelines on how they’ll be able to operate.

“This is not returning to where we were before the epidemic. This is not reopening Philadelphia,” said Health Commissioner Tom Farley.

Farley said the easing of restrictions is being done in “safe mode,” with precautions not outlined by the state. 

For example, every business will have to provide employees with masks and require employees and customers to wear them inside at all times. 

They’ll have to provide barriers between employees and customers, hand sanitizer, keep everyone 6 feet apart and allow no more than five people per 1,000 feet of indoor space.

“We’re going to ask every Philadelphian to help with enforcement, simply reminding people of the rules can have a big effect,” Farley said. 

Philadelphia’s plan also differs from the state’s in that swim clubs cannot reopen, and the city recommends against any social or religious gatherings, even if less than 25 people attend.

“If you have 25 people coming together and singing, for example, there is really a risk of spread from one person to another,” Farley added 

He said Philadelphia’s high rate of compliance helped control the spread of COVID-19 so the city could get to this point, and staying there will require continued discipline. 

He said a resurgence could put the city back in the "red."