Camden County officials: Stop flushing trash during COVID-19 pandemic

CAMDEN, NJ (KYW Newsradio) — This should go without saying, but be careful what you dump in your toilet these days. You could be causing problems local officials really don’t need right now.

The Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority has been noticing stuff in the sewers that shouldn’t be there. County Freeholder Jeffrey Nash says they’re dealing with materials commonly used to combat COVID-19.

“If items clog the sewer lines, then you can have wastewater backup into the streets and toilets and people’s homes,” Nash added. “That obviously is not something that we want to see in our community.”

Put the pandemic into the equation and there’s no good reason to send someone out to unclog the pipes.

So the county is pleading with people to just stop. Put toilet paper in the toilet. Anything else goes in the trash.