Online glitches cause delay in stimulus check payments, says Treasury

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Sharon Anderson recently lost her job as a massage therapist at a retirement community. When she didn’t get her stimulus payment earlier this week, she checked the status on the IRS website.

“I got an error that said they didn’t know anything about my application,” she said.

The first wave of stimulus checks were distributed this week, but many people like Anderson say there’s no payment in their bank accounts.

“I just want to know that they have it and that it is coming out, but there’s no way for me to know that,” she added.

The IRS issued direct deposit disbursements to millions of Americans on Wednesday, sending the money to the same account used for previous tax returns. Still, many people say they did not get a check.

The Treasury Department said there were some issues with tax filing services like TurboTax and H&R Block, which allow people to receive their tax refunds in other ways, like a prepaid debit card. People who previously chose that option did not have routing and account numbers on file with the IRS.

Others say the money was sent to an account that is no longer active.

Some parents are also reporting that they did not receive the $500 per dependent child, as promised by the stimulus bill.

If you think there’s been a mistake with your payment, or you just want to double-check, review your payment status on the IRS’ website

You can also enter your bank information, but there are reportedly problems with that as well. When doing so, some say they got a “payment status not available” message, and there’s no option for them to update their bank information.

Anderson is likely among millions of Americans who will get a check in the mail instead, because the IRS says it doesn’t have bank information on file.

If you closed the bank account you used for last year’s tax filing, that payment will bounce back and you’ll receive a check in the mail, too.

And if you just recently filed your taxes, your return may not be in the system yet.