PennDOT resumes issuing Real IDs after COVID-19 setback

REAL ID is now available in Pennsylvania.
Photo credit PennDOT, file
By KYW Newsradio 1060

After that date, if you want to board a commercial plane, go on a military installation, or enter a secured federal building that requires identification, you’ll need a Real ID. 

They cost $31.50 each.

“Approximately 1.3 million customers will want a Real ID before the effective date,” said Kurt Myers, PennDOT deputy secretary for driver and vehicle services. “We expect overall that inevitably, about 2.5 million of our customers — out of the 10.1 million total IDs and driver’s licenses issued in the commonwealth — will ultimately want or opt in for a Real ID, so about 25%.”

Myers said that number could increase if a COVID-19 vaccine is released and widely accessible, as more people would want to travel.