Pennsylvania expands wine, liquor curbside pickup after successful test run

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Pennsylvania’s liquor stores are ramping up curbside delivery after a weeklong pilot program at select locations was a big hit.

In all, 585 Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores across the state began accepting orders Monday and delivering them at the curb outside the store for customers.

Only a handful of stores in rural locations will not participate.

A list of locations and phone numbers for each store is available online.

Kelly said only then is the transaction finalized.

“A customer will then be called back with the order total,” he said. “And, the store will take a credit card number so the payment is made. All the customer then has to do is show up at the store, show some ID and receive the order that they’ve placed.”

However, Kelly warned, there will likely be a few issues with such a large-scale rollout of a new service.

“We know there will be busy signals. We know people will be frustrated. We know there will be hiccups,” Kelly said. “We ask that people be patient and work with us.”

Kelly admitted this is truly uncharted territory for the PLCB.

“We have never offered curbside delivery before,” he said. “The store staff has had to become familiar with entirely new procedures in the span of a couple days to a week.

“Our suppliers have had to get used to this, too. So this is something that we’re all kind of learning.”

Kelly said the state store managers tried to come up with the most popular sellers for their inventories, but even with that effort there will be limited selections.

There is no online list of the product available.

According to the PLCB website, each store has its own unique inventory, and clerks will be able to tell customers if the brands they're looking for are available at that store.

Customers can order only once a day, and there is a six-bottle purchase limit per day.