Philly-area police make special effort in targeting aggressive drivers

By KYW Newsradio 1060
UPPER MERION TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Drivers: Watch your speed and other habits that might get you in trouble, because police are watching you. 

That’s the message from police departments in the Philadelphia area at the start of a new crackdown on aggressive behaviors behind the wheel.

"We're going to be issuing traffic citations for speed violations and anything else," said Lt. Jeff Maurer with the Upper Merion Township Police Department.

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But it's not just lead feet that Maurer is looking to stop in their tracks.

"We see a lot of texting, and we'll see a lot of, unfortunately, cars that don't know where they're going and they make an improper turn and cut in front of someone else," he said. 

one of the dozen cars pulled over in a 30-min span by @UpperMerionPD on 202 in king of prussia. aggressive driving enforcement effort continues across greater philadephia through april 28

— Ian Bush (@ianthebush) March 18, 2019

Some drivers will need to pull themselves aside to avoid getting pulled over.

“If you are racing to get through red lights, if you are on your phone while you’re driving, if you’re not heeding work zone speed limits, and if you’re not stopping for school buses, you are an aggressive driver," said PennDOT’s Robyn Briggs. 

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This federally-funded special enforcement runs through April 28. Last year, the program saw local and state police issue 50,000 citations.

You might get the best mileage out of these tips from Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele. 

“Take a deep breath, pay attention, be courteous, follow the speed limit, stop on yellows, don’t text while driving, and we’ll all get there," Steele advised.