As pandemic continues, Philly fans glad to have sports back


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philly sports are back, sort of. Fans at Xfinity Live talked about what it feels like to see their favorite teams back in action.

"Philadelphia sports, let’s go," cheered Christopher Meccariello. He and his step-brother Zach Nelson, both recent graduates from St. Joseph's University, said this is the first time they’ve been out since March.

"Going from having no sports at all to having hockey, basketball, hopefully football," gushed Nelson, "I know baseball is kind of in jeopardy, but as long as I get my Eagles back, I’m happy."

Both men said while it’s great have sports back, they do still have COVID-19 concerns for players.

"I want them to be safe because I really care about our Philadelphia teams," said Meccariello.

Nelson recognized that not everyone is as fortunate as the athletes who are able to opt out.

"These guys wanna opt out, I don’t blame them at all," he said. "You see the people that are working in Walmart and gas stations, they can’t opt out, so the fact that these guys can, I respect that 100%."