Potluck gathering in Moorestown hopes to stamp out hate

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MOORESTOWN, N.J. (KYW Newsradio) — A group of Moorestown citizens hope to stomp out hate in their neighborhood one meal at a time. The group is holding a community dinner inside one home each month, starting Friday evening. 

"We want to counter the hateful message that those fliers left," said MooreUnity president Karen Reiner, referring to More Greet and Eat, the first in a series of community pot luck dinners she created after the second rash of KKK fliers cropped up outside homes earlier this month.

"We've sent personal invitations to the people who we know received the KKK fliers, hoping to let them know that we support them. We don't want them to feel targeted or alienated or uncomfortable living in our town," she said. 

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Police discovered 17 letters with "KKK" over a confederate statue on lawns on Jan. 27. In 2017, police discovered the same type of hate messages. Reiner says this time, the community is bridging the gap.  

"This kind of positive, joyful and welcoming outcome came of a nasty and ugly message," she added. 

For more information, visit mooreunity.com