South Jersey student joins team to draw up hometown roadmap toward social justice

23-year-old graduate student Joe Warburton of Pitman, New Jersey has joined task force focused on diversity and inclusion in the town.
Photo credit Courtesy of Joe Warburton
PITMAN, N.J. (KYW Newsradio) — A South Jersey graduate student is hoping to make a difference in his home town by joining a 13-member task force focused on diversity and inclusion.

Joe Warburton, 23, of Pitman is studying at Rutgers-Camden for his master’s degree in public administration with plans to work on housing and community development. He’s always had an interest in social justice and, back in June, organized a nine-mile march on behalf of Black Lives Matter.

Pitman is looking into how the needs of all people are addressed on just about every level and asked people to step up. He did.

“America as a whole has made strides,” he added. “We’re always reacting to the unjust treatment of others instead of being proactive in our defense of humanity. The most recent period of social unrest shows that there are still many systems in place that have to be changed to truly consider our country diverse and inclusive. However, people are ready to see these changes.”

The task force has a year to come up with recommendations for change in the town. It’ll be submitted to Pitman’s mayor and town council.