The Kimmel Center is offering shows, concerts and more — all for free

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  For those who miss going to musicals, concerts, and shows, the Kimmel Center has some online offerings that can help fill that void.

A search of the hashtag #ArtHappensAtHome on social media will turn up a variety of artistic content, from previous Kimmel Center concerts to amatuer singers at home.

The Kimmel Center started #arthappensathome as a way to crowdsource artmaking.

“We invite the public to create and share their own art: singing, dancing, playing an instrument, rapping, reciting poetry,” explained president and CEO Anne Ewers.

They’ve also created a wealth of free online content for people to enjoy through the “Show Must Go On” link on their website.

“It is a portal to the best from Broadway performers, wonderful morsels from our artists, resident alumni, arts education resources, livestream concerts and dance parties and intimate interviews with artists and producers,” Ewers added. 

The online programs are also creating a new audience for the Kimmel Center — Ewers said nearly 70% of the visitors to these platforms have never visited the website before.