During coronavirus pandemic, many prepare for social-distance Passover

Photo credit photovs/Getty Images
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — For many Jewish people around the world, this year's Passover will be a very different celebration than usual when it begins Wednesday evening.

Rabbi Eli Freedman with Congregation Rodeph Shalom says there's no question this year's social distancing Seder will be unique.

"First I'll start, there are some great memes out there,” Freedman said, including, he says, the actual plague through which we seem to be living.

"But you're not going to have crowds of people coming to your house. For some people, that's going to be a relief and for some people, it's going to feel very lonely,” Litman said. 

To keep the holiday on track, she recommends planning everyone's reading segment or role ahead of time.

"And this is an important time to give yourself permission to change what you've done every year,” she added. 

Litman says there are many ways to make your Zoom Seder come alive. 

"You can do quiz shows, you can act things out, you can challenge your family members to come up with a new song parody that hasn't been done before,” she said. 

She says no matter what you do, this will likely be a memorable holiday year.

"One of the most important commandments on Passover is to eat matzah, and if you have trouble finding matzah, it's actually the easiest thing to make ever. There are some great recipes online, it really just requires flour and water. It's all about the timing, though. You have to do it really quick so it doesn't have time for any wild yeast or anything to get in there.” Freedman advised.