USPS offers subscribers preview of mail on the way

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — With the U.S. Postal Service under fire for delivery issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the recent warnings about mail-in ballots, there is actually a service that lets you track the mail you’re supposed to get.

It’s called Informed Delivery.

And it’s offered for free.

Ray Daiutolo Sr., a regional spokesman for the Postal Service, said for the past two years machines used by mail processing centers such as the one in Southwest Philadelphia capture digital images of mail as it passes through.

He said the Postal Service is willing to share those with residents and businesses through a daily email.

“We can provide them an advanced digital notification of any delivery of letter-sized mail,” Daiutolo said. “And, we also can include any information about packages that they would receive.”

He said it’s easy to sign up.

“Once you create that account generally within the next couple of days, you’ll start to receive the email that will show you the digital images of letter-sized mail that you should expect to get that day or within the next couple of days,” Daiutolo said.

And just how good is the tracking?

“When you get the email and you’re viewing your digital images, when you go to the bottom of the email, if there is letter mail that we showed you that you have not received — let’s say in a few days — there’s a link there that you can actually click and you can report that you’re missing some mail,” Daiutolo said.

He said hundreds of thousands of people in the Philadelphia region have signed up for the service. Some 28 million people across the country have Informed Delivery accounts.

“It’s a very desirable feature,” Daiutolo said.

The service is available for sign-up on the Postal Service's website.