Villanova breaks up party for violating COVID-19 safety rules, reminds students: 'Not this semester'

VILLANOVA, Pa. (NYW Newsradio) — Students at Villanova have been on campus for just a couple of days, and already campus safety officers have had to break up a huge party. 

Video shows hundreds of students hanging out underneath and near big tents set up for use as outdoor classrooms. Campus officials said the tents are set up all over campus, and students are allowed to use them for informal social  interaction, but parties like that are unacceptable.

Freshman Tallulah Laska told NBC-10 it happened right outside her window.

“I feel like it’s inevitable at any college campus, because you have all these people coming together after being away for so long. But I think, if you want to stay on campus, you need to be cautious and take precautions," she said. 

Expecting this sort of thing, the university produced a video ahead of the semester to remind everyone about the importance of following safety precautions.

Coach Jay Wright encouraged students to stay focused and hold off on big parties this semester: “We love to party, nobody does it better, but not this semester.”

Villanova's president sent an email to students Friday morning to remind everyone about the importance of wearing masks and staying six feet apart when possible and that being considerate of others isn’t just a suggestion but something everyone must comply with to have a successful year on campus.