With golf courses open, golfers are now on hunt for pull carts

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  If you are looking to buy a golf pull cart, forget about it. 

Want to make some real money during the pandemic? Pull that old golf pull cart out of the basement and sell it — Patrick Shine, director of golf at Commonwealth National Golf Club in Horsham, said you’ll make a fortune.

“They are just in incredibly high demand. It's almost like profiteering. You’ve heard about surgical mask profiteering, now we’re into pull cart profiteering. I’ve heard some members say pull carts are on eBay for three times what a normal pull cart would go for,” Shine said. 

Coronavirus restrictions mean you can’t share a golf cart with someone you don’t live with and caddies are not allowed, so courses are now letting you use a pull cart if you can find one.

Shine has been waiting for weeks to get some in for his course. 

And before the pandemic, he said many private courses would never let members use a pull cart.

“One of the sales reps in the territory in Philadelphia who is kind of looked at as a pariah for offering that as one of his lines, is now in very high demand and kind of ruling the roost a bit with having availability to get pull carts. But with the backlog, the time frame now we’re looking at is late July or early August to order pull carts for club usage,” he said.