With Pa. primary coming soon, advocates encourage voting by mail

By KYW Newsradio 1060
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — With so many postponements and cancellations due to the coronavirus, many are wondering if the April 28 primary will also be pushed back. One organization is encouraging people to vote by mail regardless of the date.

"We’re trying to be helpful like a lot of other folks, God bless the folks on the front line," said David Thornburgh, CEO of the Committee of Seventy. The government watchdog group is practicing social distancing, while trying to still inform people about the election.

"If I had to handicap it, I would say it's likely to move, but stay tuned," he speculated. "Regardless though, we're encouraging everybody to take a good look at voting by mail." Last fall, the Pennsylvania legislature changed the rules on mail-in voting. Now, according to Thornbugh, anyone can do it. He said the easiest way to find information about it is to go to VotesPA, the state's official voter information site.

With voting by mail available to everyone, Thornburgh said people no longer need the traditional excuses. 

"As we’re learning about any type of social gathering that comes with the need for lots of precautions," he asked, "why not take advantage of the mail in option that we have?"

Information on candidates can be found at the Committee of Seventy's website.