Philadelphia woman who contracted COVID-19 discusses her road to recovery

Lisa Zoks
Photo credit Courtesy of Lisa Zoks
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — For those who have contracted COVID-19 or think they may have contracted it, a Philadelphia woman shares her story, saying there is hope. 

It started with a fever and body aches and extreme fatigue for Lisa Zoks two weeks ago. After things got worse with a nagging cough, she called her doctor.

“The cough got worse and then I did another e-visit with her and she said you know what, you need to get tested,” Zoks said. 

Then, her tests came back positive.

“The results came the following morning. A nurse practitioner had called me and asked me about my symptoms. I actually told her every day after the week or so that I was out with all full-blown symptoms, every day I got a little better about five percent each day,” she explained. 

Now that she is quarantined at home and getting plenty of fluids and rest, she feels much better. 

“I feel like I’m on the other side. I have more of my strength back, more of an appetite and I’m not coughing all the time,” she said. 

For those who are going through the same thing,  Zoks said staying connected to family and friends is very important. 

“Stay connected to family and friends and that’s so important because I was alone for the past two weeks while my family had dropped off groceries and meds on the front porch. It’s so important to keep your spirits up,” she said.