Uncomfortable work-from-home spaces mean big business for chiropractors

Dr. Sahfi Goldenberg sanitizes chiropractic surfaces in between patients.
Photo credit Courtesy of Dr. Sahfi Goldenberg
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Many of us have been working remotely for the past three months or so, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll. But for those who are getting by in uncomfortable makeshift workspaces, the apathetic home setups may be taking a toll on their bodies too.

Dr. Sahfi Goldenberg, who runs Well Adjusted Chiropractic in Blue Bell, said business has been booming ever since the pandemic hit.

“It was a real surprise,” she said. “Everything went differently than we expected — mostly because we didn't know what to expect.”

Goldenberg decided to stay open, and she made dramatic changes in the way the space was cleaned in between patients, like wiping down all surfaces to make sure they are sterile. 

“I have two kinds of wipes I use: alcohol wipes on the chairs that they sit on. I use peroxide wipes where their face is actually contacting, and I use hot steam treatment in between each patient.”

Goldenberg said a lot of these work-from-home workspaces are not designed for comfort.

“One guy, I can't get him to stop working at his coffee table. And his body doesn't want to unfold,” she said. “People are doing different things than they were before. … They also have been injuring themselves doing all those different things that their bodies weren't ready for, because we weren't set up to work at our dining table for 40 hours a week.”

Aside from hunching over coffee tables, Goldenberg said people still need chiropractic treatment for issues like migraines or car accidents. 

Still, she’s seen more new patients than she has ever had before, crediting some of that to simply staying open. She said more people are seeking medical treatment at offices that are still open during the pandemic — and offices that are taking every precaution.

“Even though at first I saw less of my regular patient load, in the beginning, I've never had so many new patients before,” she added.