Eagles fans struggle with the 'new normal' of not being allowed at home games


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — South Philly is usually popping for Eagles games, especially their home opener. But this home opener is a somber one, as no fans were allowed inside Lincoln Financial Field or outside for tailgating, leading to an eerie scene at the sports complex.

But that didn't stop some people from coming to check it out.

Jake Johnson rode his bike down to the Linc. He said he's been to every home game since 2013.

"There's nobody here," he noted, "so there's not much of an atmosphere at all, to be honest. There's about 100 people here in the whole vicinity, 50 of them being police officers."

Johnson thinks people should be allowed in if they want to take the risk, and compared it to going to a baseball game.

"If you go to a baseball game and get hit in the side of the head, it's legally on you, so same difference, I think, with this new whole world we live in," he reasoned.

On the topic of baseball, friends Alex Petrongolo and Sam Bacani noted how the Phillies have their own crew -- the Phandemic Krew -- but not the Eagles.

"They do not trust us," said Petrongolo.

"I guess Eagles fans are a different breed," added Bacani, who was walking her dog. "We wish it wasn't like this. They should definitely let tailgaters in just to give the team some support and love, but hopefully this is over soon."

Petrongolo said she understood why no fans are allowed inside, but not outdoors.

"With the concerts they're holding in the parking lots and stuff, like, they're able to have that," she said. "Why not have tailgates to at least bring something, bring a little joy?"

A couple streets will be blocked off around the stadium every home game this season.

On the bright side, Jared Grosh found there was a lot less traffic because of that.

"It took us an hour and a half to get down here. We're from Lancaster," he said. "Usually if it would be game day, it would take us three, 3 1/2 hours, easy."

It is worth noting Eagles chants could be heard from Xfinity Live across the street.