Can you wear a shirt or hat promoting your favorite candidate into a polling place?

By KYW Newsradio 1060

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — If you’re heading out to vote, can you wear your favorite Joe Biden T-shirt or your Make America Great Again cap?

In short, yes, said Jonathan Marks, Pennsylvania’s deputy secretary for elections.

“A voter wearing a button, a hat, a T-shirt, you know, as they’re going in to exercise their right to vote cannot be prohibited,” he answered.

Essentially, no eligible voter should be denied the right to vote based on a hat or shirt, but Marks said active electioneering, such as handing out flyers or advocating for a candidate in the room voting is occurring, is prohibited.

Voters can bring campaign literature in with them if it’s to help them make their picks. But it should be taken with them, and judges of election are told to do sweeps to make sure there aren’t any lying around.

As for carrying guns, any voter who has a legal right to carry a firearm can’t be prohibited, with the exception of polling places in schools or courthouses.

But, anyone outside a polling place “behaving aggressively” with a gun who is intimidating voters, whether intentional or not, will be removed and potentially prosecuted.