As COVID-19 numbers stabilize, Chester County health director says there’s still work to do

By KYW Newsradio 1060

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Chester County’s health director says she understands people are tired of some COVID-19 restrictions, but as case numbers stabilize in both Delaware and Chester counties, she’s urging personal responsibility.

Chester County Health Director Jeanne Casner says, looking at 14-day averages, “both counties are trending in the right direction — trending downward or have stabilized."

Chester County’s health department is also overseeing Delaware County.

Casner says, early on, schools and businesses had to do their part by shutting down and coming up with safety plans. Now she says it’s up to individual responsibility to limit spread and keep the virus levels as low as possible.

“All the organizations have done their part," she said. "Schools are doing their part, etcetera. It just comes down to if you can just wear that face covering and be mindful of that 6 feet."

Chester County’s recommendation was for schools to wait until Oct. 9 to bring students back in person, and she says having that extra time has helped.

“They’re using that time to shore up their virtual school, and using that time to also get the remaining things they need in place — staffing, busing, bus routes, you name it.”

She says the final decision as to when and how to move forward is up to each district, but she hopes the preparation keeps them from having to pull back if they do chose to go with in-person instruction.

She says there have been some issues, like cases spiking around West Chester, which she says is due in part to college students coming back to off-campus leases, even though West Chester University is virtual. Casner says they’re reaching out to encourage those students to make better decisions.